In dictionary, "drive home" has 2 meanings

  1. carry out or perform

“The boxer drove home a solid left”

  1. make clear by special emphasis and try to convince somebody of something

“drive home a point or an argument”

“I'm trying to drive home these basic ideas”

My question is:

Does "drive home" have a literal meaning?

Does it also mean "go home by car"? Ex: I want to drive home.

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Yes, "drive home" is an established expression, but the words can also be taken literally and you can indeed say that you drove home.

"I drove home after a productive day at work."

This type of expression is called an idiom.

There are quite a few of these and they are even used in a class of wordplay jokes because of the "double meaning".


yes, "drive home" is perfectly correct in the car sense and also the only time I can think of when you don't use the preposition "to". You can "drive home" but you must "drive TO work/school/a friend's house"

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