In dictionary, "drive home" has 2 meanings

  1. carry out or perform

“The boxer drove home a solid left”

  1. make clear by special emphasis and try to convince somebody of something

“drive home a point or an argument”

“I'm trying to drive home these basic ideas”

My question is:

Does "drive home" have a literal meaning?

Does it also mean "go home by car"? Ex: I want to drive home.


Yes, "drive home" is an established expression, but the words can also be taken literally and you can indeed say that you drove home.

"I drove home after a productive day at work."

This type of expression is called an idiom.

There are quite a few of these and they are even used in a class of wordplay jokes because of the "double meaning".


yes, "drive home" is perfectly correct in the car sense and also the only time I can think of when you don't use the preposition "to". You can "drive home" but you must "drive TO work/school/a friend's house"

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