Let's say I have some document which is printed on both sides. I need scanned copy of both sides. I have already got the front part of it and need the back of it now. Can I say --> send me a scanned copy of "rear of the card" ?


A card has two faces: front and back.

You would say

Send me a scanned copy of the back of the card

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    Also, since you've already received one side, you could also say, "Send me a scan of the other side of the card, too." – Teacher KSHuang Feb 6 '17 at 7:13

This phrasing could work if copies of both sides are needed:

Send me a scanned copy of your ID (recto + verso)

More about recto and verso can be found here.

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    I've never seen "recto" and "verso" used except referring to pages in a book/leaflet/etc, but even in that context they're rather obscure words which many English speakers would not understand. I wouldn't at all advise using them in this situation. – Chris H May 16 at 12:57

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