Modi’s defence of demonetisation in Parliament fails to resonate with Opposition.

See the link http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/modi-s-defence-of-demonetisation-in-parliament-fails-to-resonate-with-opposition/story-Y1V0VKpVC74DOQRviLx7IO.html

What do the words "resonate with" mean in this sentence? Do they mean "satisfy"?

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If an idea resonates with its audience, then it has been well-received by them. A related idiom is to say that the message struck a chord with them.

Most (all?) materials have a resonant frequency; when a sustained sound wave of that frequency interacts with that material, the material will begin to vibrate at the same frequency. Applying that same concept to a spoken message and an audience, when the message resonates, the audience will be especially receptive to that message, and may be more likely to enthusiastically echo key points back to the speaker, or repeat it to others in the near future.

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resonate with resonate with someone

Fig. [for an idea, issue, or concept] to appeal to someone or cause someone to relate to it.

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