Could you tell me about the right preposition in this phrase: on/in even weeks in contrast with on/in odd weeks? Besides, is the determiner THE necessary before the noun WEEK and why is it or is it not?

  • Odd and even are generally used to describe numbers and numbered rows or seats. Weeks might better be described as alternate, if you are referring to every second week in a series. – Ronald Sole Feb 9 '17 at 19:27

The preposition you want to use is


on even weeks

means on the second, forth, sixth, eighth, etc week of the year.

In your usage "on" = "during", since during those weeks you do something, or "at that appointed time".

There is bus service on even weeks.
there is bus service every other week.

The clock chimes on the hour.
the clock chimes at the hour.

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