Ok, check this dictionary

[uncountable, plural] feeling (for somebody/something) sympathy or love for somebody/something

You have no feeling for the sufferings of others.

I still have feelings for her (= feel attracted to her in a romantic way).

Ok, it says "uncountable, plural" but the structure is in singular "feeling". Also, example is in singular "no feeling" not "no feelings"

  • You should add a link to the dictionary lookup you did. This word as a number of definitions. – user3169 Feb 12 '17 at 1:38
  • It does appear that the example is placed in the wrong section. – James K Nov 14 '19 at 20:00

See feeling. In your examples:

You have no feeling for the sufferings of others.

Use def. 4 -

uncountable noun
Feeling is a way of thinking and reacting to things which is emotional and not planned rather than logical and practical.
He was prompted to a rare outburst of feeling.


I still have feelings for her.

Use def. 1 -

countable noun
A feeling is an emotion, such as anger or happiness.
He was unable to contain his own destructive feelings.

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