What is the correct name of a place that shows live concert videos in a hall?

  • Cine live hall
  • Live cine hall
  • Cine live in the hall

The noun takes two adjectives but I can't see which one would come first. I also wonder whether there's a type of event or performance called "cine live."

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As far as I'm aware, English doesn't have a word or phrase for such a place, probably since it's unlikely that there would be a building or facility dedicated to showing live videos/streams of concerts.

One place that might show a live video of a concert would be a cinema (British English) or a movie theater (American English) (from Oxford Dictionaries):


1 A theatre where films are shown for public entertainment:
"I was weaned on a diet of Hollywood fantasy at my local cinema"
"I never go to the cinema"

movie theatre (also movie house)

North American
A cinema.

In which case, you might use the verb to show to say that the cinema is offering customers the opportunity to see live video of the concert:


1 Be, allow, or cause to be visible:
[no object] "wrinkles were starting to show on her face"
"the glow of a city skyline showed up ahead"
[no object, with complement] "the muscles of her jaws showed white through the skin"
[with object] "a white blouse will show the blood"
"a rising moon showed up the wild seascape"

1.3 [with object] Present (a film or television programme) on a screen for viewing:
"ITV showed The Enforcer on Saturday night"

1.4 [with object] (of a film) be presented for viewing:
"a movie showing at the Venice Film Festival"

Or you might say that the cinema was "putting on a showing of (the concert)":


1 [mass noun] The action of showing something, or the fact of being shown:
"Alsation dog, championship quality, excellent results in showing"

1.1 [count noun] A presentation of a cinema film or television programme:
"another showing of the three-part series"

Note that to show and showing are appropriate for other venues. For example, some community/leisure centres put on showings of films, or a pub might show a sports match. It's also appropriate to use the passive voice (e.g. "that film is being shown at the pub").

Unfortunately, cine is not the correct word (unless you're Indian), as cine in English is for describing things related to the process of film-making rather than films in general:


1 Cinematographic:
"a cine camera"

1.1 Indian Relating to cinema:
"a cine actor"


[mass noun] The art of photography and camerawork in film-making:
"home movie footage with superb cinematography"

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