In dictionary

together= with each other

Now, we got the structure "to talk with somebody":

I talked with him.

He talked with me.

We talked with each other.

We talked together.

However, sometimes, we don't need "with" as in "date somebody".

I dated her.

She dated me.

We dated with each other.---> this violates the structure "date somebody" without "with"

We dated together. = We dated with each other.----> this violates the structure "date somebody"

We dated each other.---> this seems ok, but I am not sure.

I don't know whether the "with" in "talk with" is the same as the "with" in "with together".


You can also say "We talked" and "I talked to him" - so you don't absolutely need "with" in this case.

For dating, I would say "I dated him" or "We dated" - dating is an action that absolutely already implies two people, so adding "together" sounds redundant. "We dated with each other" sounds very very odd. "We dated each other" is a little odd, but could sound okay under certain circumstances. For instance, if there is confusion about who dated who. Example: Say as you are now dating person A, and person B is dating person C, and you say "We (you and person B) dated each other back in high school" - in other words, you're emphasizing that you dated EACH OTHER, not your current boyfriend/girlfriend, during high school

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