I have a table showing who (among a group of people) attended a series of meetings occuring on different days. It goes like this:

Person's name: date 1: date 2, etc.

Jack: ✓: x, etc.

Some people have the phrase "tenure over" hanging in front of their names under certain dates instead of a check or X mark. What does it mean?

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Tenure can refer to the length of time a person holds a particular position, for example, on a committee, or in elected office. When the tenure is over, they are no longer in that position. They have held the position for the designated length of time.

During his tenure as mayor, Mr Jones was a good friend to commercial developers, not an ally of local neighborhoods. Now that his tenure is over, local groups are hoping to prevent construction of two casinos he had fast-tracked.

Next year, her tenure on the school board will be over, and she plans to run for the state senate.

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