Research in the workplace reveals that people work for many reasons _______.

(1) beside money,

(2) besides money

Answer is given : besides money.

But, google says "besides" means "in addition to"; and also "apart from". I am confused that here meaning is opposite each other?

Google says "beside" means "in addition to; apart from". Ok, then what is difference, between "beside" and "besides"?

Can you explain it, please?

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Besides and beside are two words that are often confused. Grammatically, besides is an adverb or a preposition, and beside a preposition.


Beside means next to:

A house beside the sea She sat beside her friend.


As a preposition, besides means in addition to or apart from

What are you studying besides English? (in addition to) Who was there besides Jon? (apart from)

As an adverb, besides means as well or furthermore.

He was scruffy and badly prepared. Besides, he turned up late for the interview.

(Lifted entirely from) https://www.usingenglish.com/articles/beside-besides.html


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