This is the definition of choke up from Collins Dictionary:

(informal) usually passive to overcome (a person) with emotion, esp without due cause

What does due cause in the definition mean? I've looked up the word due, but there isn't a definition that seems appropriate to the context.

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With all due respect, I just Googled define "due cause" and went to the first dictionary definition, where it says...

due adj. 4: Meeting special requirements; sufficient: "We have due cause to honor them".

If that's not clear, the preceding definition #3 says In accord with right, convention, or courtesy; appropriate. And in the same dictionary you'll find cause defined as grounds for action; motive; justification.

So you could paraphrase due cause as appropriate justification. Note that it's often used in legal contexts, so "appropriate" in this expression usually means right and proper, according to law.

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