Does it mean "they have enough cash to turn their growth goal into reality"?

With McDonald’s's scale and hefty cash flow, it's able to put big bucks behind its growth initiatives. Just look at the success of all-day breakfast, which helped usher in six straight quarters of comparable sales growth at the chain while most other restaurants stumbled, or its McCafe business, which has grown to $4 billion in annual U.S. sales.

SOURCE: https://www.bloomberg.com/gadfly/articles/2017-03-01/mcdonald-s-investor-day-copying-starbucks-is-smart

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It means the growth initiative will require investment and McDonald's, because they have the financial resources available, they can make the investment, eventhough the investment will be a lot of money (put big bucks behind).


Yes, basically. It means "they have A LOT OF cash to TRY TO turn their growth goal into reality."

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