When we say "car-related" industries, does it refer to only the "peripheral" industries like petroleum/maintenance/OEM/distributorship industries that have a relationship with cars, or does it refer to both the car industry itself as well as the peripheral industries?

In other words, let's say if I want to refer to both the car industry and its peripheral industries in my speech, should I say "the car industry and its related industries", or should I just say "car-related industries"?

I'm having trouble identifying the range of coverage that the word "RELATED" implies.

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Tricky one. In my opinion, "car-related industries" refers only to the "peripheral" industries you describe, and not necessarily the car industry itself. My best guess at why...while the "car industry" theoretically encompasses all peripheral industries, in practice it's used to refer only to the primary manufacture(rs) of cars (Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc.). Therefore, we need something to describe these similar-but-not-quite-equal industries: "car-related."

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