In Adventures of Tom Sawyer, there is a dialogue going on between Tom and Becky:
- Yes I do, indeed I do. Please let me.
- You'll tell.
- No I won't—deed and deed and double deed won't.
- You won't tell anybody at all.

Vividly she is promising, but I want to know what that means exactly?

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    indeed and indeed and double indeed Commented Mar 9, 2017 at 23:27

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deed should really be written as 'deed . It's short for "indeed"

So, what she's actually saying is:

No I won't - indeed and indeed and double indeed [I] won't.

As such, what she's meaning is that she's making a stern assertion that she won't tell if Tom allows her to do it.

It's a method of emphasizing what she's saying.

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