I was reading an article about data compression in computer when i faced this sentence:

It tends to be easy to compress a string that has runs of repeated characters by techniques such as move-to-front transform and run-length encoding.

I know this is about computers but i don't think that the part "having runs of" is about computers. So, What does it mean?

I also appreciate if you give some examples of using it. I searched by didn't find anything! The sentence itself was found here.

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    "It tends to be easy to compress a string that has "a continuous series" of repeated characters by techniques..." (The Free Dictionary). Mar 14, 2017 at 10:20

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A "run" is a sequence where the same character or pattern repeats. For example, "111111111" is a run of ones. "ABCABCABCABC" is a run of "ABC"

You can compress those by methods such as listing the character or pattern, and then a count of how many times it repeats, which takes less space than repeating the character or pattern and doesn't lose any of the information.

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