What is the difference between

Care of something or somebody

Care for something or somebody

Care about something or somebody

It seems to me there's no the difference.

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To take care of something/someone is to be responsible for its/their maintenance and well-being.

I take care of my car.

To care for something/someone is to appreciate it/them and encourage or help it/them.

I care for my wife very much.

To care about something/someone is to be concerned about its/their condition.

I care about government overreach.

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The choice of preposition is generally governed by the context. Although you sometimes have a choice of suitable prepositions, some fit better than others in certain constructions:

For example:

Please take care of my dog while I'm away.

I care for my elderly neighbour.

I don't care about the loss of your phone.

When it comes to choosing a preposition, there are few rules. You basically have to learn about their use by reading and listening.

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