She likes ________(to have/having) the birds is as an expensive hobby.

What should we use here ? Infinitive or Gerund? Why?

  • Per this NGram, both forms occur. The infinitive is a bit more common, but they're both fine, and I can't think of a context where they'd have different meanings. Mar 15, 2017 at 14:22

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Like + V / Like + Ving

Like can be followed by either a plain verb (V) or by V-ing. But there's a slight difference in meaning.

  • She likes having birds as a hobby.

Using the -ing form stresses the fact that it is a pleasurable experience.

  • She likes to have birds but it's an expensive hobby.

In this sentence I use the infinitive because I put the stress not on the pleasure she draws from her hobby, but on its consequence: it costs her a lot of money.

-Note that in your sentence you would not have a definite article before "birds".

-Using "have" is fine but "keep" would probably be better at least in your second sentence, having birds does not necessarily imply you provide for their expenses:

She likes to keep birds but it's an expensive hobby.

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