Which preposition is the correct to put in the following sentence? For me all of them looks equal and I don't really have a reason why to choose one and not the other.

He was walking (through/ on / in) the streets of the city?

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To walk through the streets... is a common expression; as is to walk along the street/s. They mean exactly what they say.

To walk in the streets... suggests that the walker is not using the pavement/sidewalk intended for pedestrians but walking in the roadway used by the traffic. One frequently comes across children playing in the streets.

To walk on the streets is not idiomatic, although the expression on the streets (without walk) is common, referring to life/events that take place on the streets.

To live on the streets means to be homeless.

In the Streets and Blame it on the Streets are among the many movie titles that include the word Streets.

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