On the way he soon became lost in philosophical speculations. "Ghee," he said to himself, "comes from cow's milk. Cows eat grass, and yes, leaves, too. Ah then, ** in a way**, ghee comes from cow's milk, and cow's milk comes from leaves, and so the ghee and the leaf are related!

This paragraph is from a folk tale.The question is : which sentence does the phrase "in a way" emphasize? Does it mean "to some extent"?


In a way means "looking at something with one perspective" ( as opposed, perhaps, to another). And in a way may be used to indicate a partial assessment of something. The link Teacher KSHuang provided will help.
There are several possibilities in your example sentence:

In a way, ghee is related to the water the cow drinks.

In a way, ghee is related to the grass the cow eats

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