1. I used to spend hours learning songs on youtube but would learn nothing.

  2. Your movie had an interesting subject, and it did well, but perhaps not as masala (spicy) film would do.

  3. You had no advantage then and struggled like any other person would.

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The word 'Would' can function as:

  1. Modal verb
  2. Past tense of will
  3. Hypothetisis
  4. Contingency

The last two reflect make it function in subjunctive mood.

'Would' functions in:

  1. Your first sentence as past tense of 'will'.
  2. Your second as subjunctive mood: it's a possibility. The speaker is making a hypothetical assumption.
  3. Your third as past tense.

Below are the examples of 'Would' in various instances. Past tense in particular.

Past Tense

  1. The man left because she would not see him. (Past) The action was in the past. See this:

The man will always continue to leave because the estranged wife will never see him. (Future)


  1. If I were a girl, I would always wear makeup.

(You can't use 'will' here.) He isn't a girl and will never be one, therefore, it's a hypothetical statement. Only a whimsical wish.

  • would as a past tense is confusing for me in most of the sentences but not every sentence.But hypothetical use of 'WOULD' I understand. could you give me some more examples of will as a past tense – Scottish Mar 21 '17 at 10:58
  • I would also like to ask about first sentence that as a past of will, what is the meaning of the sentence? – Scottish Mar 21 '17 at 11:04
  • I used to spend hours learning songs on youtube but would learn nothing. It's all about the context. For example, in your first sentence: 'Would' is in, context, in past tense because of the word 'used'. The speaker is no longer spending hours on YouTube anymore, perhaps because of frustration, as he wasn't learning anything. – James Polamz King Mar 21 '17 at 12:57
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