Sth is abhorrent to you means that you have hatred of it or you dislike it very much. For example, 'Racial discrimiantion is absolutely abhorrent to me'. But Can I say sb is abhorrent to me? For instance, The guy is abhorrent to me. Is the sentence accepatble?

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    Abhorrent is an adjective. The verb is abhor. You will find numerous examples online of the expression that something is abhorrent to me although my preference would be to say I find something abhorrent. – Ronald Sole Mar 22 '17 at 0:12

If you look at how


is usually used with nouns to which abhorrent are often applied: behavior, act, crime, practice, thing. not so much directly with people. If you find someone's behavior abhorrent, you will probably find them

repulsive - tending to rouse aversion

which is how somebody would usually be described

I am repulsed by that person's abhorrent behavior.
That person's abhorrent behavior repulses me.

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Your sentence is perfectly valid. If something is abhorrent to you it means you consider it totally unacceptable, or hate it very much.

...abhorrent is an adjective

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