What do you call these cones used to mark a field for sports?

a stack of green plastic cones


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More specific terms would include saucer cones (1, 2), disc cones (1, 2), and flat cones (1 – on the label it says marking discs, 2), if you wish to distinguish them from safety cones or traffic cones.

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    The general category is often called "training cones", or maybe "cone markers" or "marker cones". Not sure if the OP was trying to ask how to identify this specific variety as opposed to other training cones, or just more generally. See for example the soccer training cone category on Amazon. (And in my experience, when you're actually using them on a field, everyone just calls them cones.)
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Calling them cones is the most obvious choice, "place the cones", "mark the field with cones" etc.

You might also refer to them as markers or marks.

Marker - a sign that shows where something is, Cambridge.

They also could be named according to the sport they are used in e.g. a goal might be marked out with two red cones - you would likely refer to the pair as a goal as the usage of cones is already obvious.


These are normally called field markers, or marking disc in general language.


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