I just wonder when I have to use the word 'own'.

The word 'own' seems to be used like 'have'

What do you usually use between the below sentences?

  1. I have my own house.

  2. I own my house.

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I have my own house.

Here, own is used as a determiner. You use own like this for emphasis, or to indicate that you also have something. For example:

I used to share a flat with some friends but now I have my own [flat].
I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

I own my house.

When it is used as a verb, it indicates possession. By comparison, have an also mean that you have with you, or have in your possession, or have available for your use.

I have a house - it could be rented, and I just live in it
I own a house - it is my property

See the Cambridge Dictionary for more examples.


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