In a synonym dictionary, I came across the word "inspirit", which is said to mean "enliven". https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/inspirit

However, then I stumbled across the word "enspirit".

I want to ask is this a difference between British and American English, or are there slight, subtle differences in the meanings to these two words?

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    What @stangdon said. I find it ironic that the link in the question proudly identifies itself as Oxford living Dictionaries. To my mind, both inspirit and enspirit are deader than dodos, so it's a bit academic to speculate on possible differences in meaning (which I doubt ever existed anyway). Commented Mar 23, 2017 at 20:18

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I had to look up "inspirit". I didn't remember the word at all. I think it's very rare. "enspirit" was not in thefreedictionary.com.

Today we generally say "inspire" rather than "inspirit". I think the meaning is basically the same.

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