What kind of impact the word 'yet' has on the sentence or is there no impact at all and can we even omit 'yet' without losing the meaning (context) of the sentence?

Current version includes a range of new features and functions to give you the best experience yet.

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    In your context, yet means up until now (this experience will be better than any previous ones). Without it, you might just end up with the best experience you could hope for from such a complex and hard-to-configure bit of software. – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica Mar 26 '17 at 17:17

In your example,


is used a a kind of intensifier to say that the experience is the best you could have when compared to any of your experiences in the past.

Yet means up until now in your usage. The shortened form might be

This is the best yet!

meaning, this is the best up until now.

Player A was able to make the semifinals of this tournament. He has not been able to get past the first round of any tournament before, it is his best showing yet.

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