Given the sentence

My father helped me [doing/do] my homework.

I had learned that the preposition "to" can optionally follow the verb "help". However, the solution to my exercise says that the above sentence should correctly be:

My father helped me doing my homework.

Instead of:

My father helped me do my homework.

Could someone please explain to me why is that?


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My father helped me do my homework.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, to is indeed optional with an infinitie after help, so this sentence is correct. As a native English speaker, I would say that it is informal to omit the to.

My father helped me doing my homework.

There is no reference to using help with a gerund or participle doing, and it certainly does not sound natural to me.

The only other possibility that would sound natural is:

My father helped me with my homework.


Should the verb “help” be followed by another verb at infinitive or gerund? What about this sentence:

Did you help developing this project?

Would that be correct / sound natural to a native speaker?

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