Which of the following is correct and why?

Zero tolerance policy needed towards attacks on Indian students in Canada.


Zero tolerance policy needed against attacks on Indian students in Canada.

  • If you are using it in the sense of "referring to", "towards" could work, but "regarding" would be less ambiguous (policy regarding attacks on Indian students; "toward" could imply a side of the argument). You can have a policy against attacks. A zero tolerance policy means that it is against attacks, so if you use "against" again, it becomes a double negative; a zero tolerance policy against attacks would be for attacks. Using "for" or "towards" would be consistent in direction. "On" or "regarding" would mean "referring to". – fixer1234 Apr 1 '17 at 17:30

Towards : Google Dictionary


preposition: towards

1.in the direction of.

"I walked toward(s) the front door"

synonyms: in the direction of, to;

2.as regards; in relation to.

"he was warm and tender toward her"

synonyms: with regard to, as regards, regarding, in regard to, respecting, in relation to, concerning, about, apropos, vis-à-vis "her attitude toward politics"

You want definition 2. In regards to attacks on students, there needs to be a zero tolerance policy.

Against does not mean what you think it does. Of course we are against attacks, but we cannot apply that to what we should do.

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