When I studied 'ruby' by an e-book, I couldn't understand this sentence:

Learn Enough Command Line to be Dangerous.

What is the meaning of the phrase to be dangerous in the picture attached below?

enter image description here

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    The first example that came to me was my aunt who was head nurse in a neonatal unit -- and brilliant at that. When my friend had a brain tumour, she had enough knowledge to be dangerous. He trusted her because she was a great nurse, but that was not her area of expertise and she was making suggestions that went against what the doctor had said. She knew enough about medicine to be dangerous. In your examples, it probably means : to have a basic understanding.
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    Apr 1, 2017 at 15:23
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"Enough to be dangerous" means that you know enough to make big (potentially dangerous) decisions or actions, but don't have enough experience to know when such activity is advised and when it should be avoided.

See also this question.


This expression has two parts, first one is:

to be - this verb used when we want to describe some features, qualities, attributes (to be beautiful, to be smart, to be on time...). In terms of this sentence, used for description the quality as 'dangerous'.

Elaboration of meaning 'to be' by Oxford dictionary

the second part is:

the word 'dangerous' - means you should avoid using some 'command line'. Command line probably has some features that can be defined as dangerous. But what exactly dangerous you haven't asked yet and moreover, it isn't clear.

Elaboration of meaning 'dangerous' by Oxford dictionary

Usage of the verb 'to be' by British Council

Put it together (to be dangerous) - Command Line has features that could be distinguished as unwanted (you should avoid using). As it mentioned above, what exactly dangerous it isn't clear from the context

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