During an online game, one of the opposing players said "You seem med", and when I asked what "med" was, the response was "It's a chav slang term". Then player logged out.

I googled the phrase, but I can't find a definition in the usual online slang dictionaries. Any suggestions?

My guesses
1) Medicated? (as in sedated)
2) Mad (crazy, under the influence of drugs?)


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It could be a typo for "mad" which makes a lot of sense in your context. Consider the common online phrase: "You mad bro?" ... or ... "You're all mad lol." Both of these are kind of insults. So if he typo-ed while insulting you and you asked him about it, then he blamed it on a classist pejorative label and logged out (chav = council-housed and violent)... then it would all fit together.

Or it could be a spelling of "mad" meant to sound like it was spoken with an accent. Or maybe it really is some slang term. I would guess meaning "medicated".

  • The Wikipedia description of "chav" says that they've incorporated Jamaican patois into their slang, so the misspelling could be deliberate. The article also says that "council-housed and violent" is a bit of folk etymology and was probably made up after the word was already being used.
    – ColleenV
    Commented Apr 10, 2017 at 1:11
  • This definition of chav came to me from a player of an online game using slang, so I figure it's the best one for OP's scenario. Of course, with words like folk and probably, the author really doesn't know either way. Thanks for the patois clue, that points towards "mad".
    – Stew C
    Commented Apr 10, 2017 at 20:31

I guess it's "mad" and a typo happened. And when the meaning of mad is replaced, it is kinda meaningful. But for med, there no meaning but MEd = Master of Education. I'd consider it as the word mad.

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