I get really caught up with the people I write about.

What does " get caught up with somebody." mean? What is the meaning of the above context?

  • Probably something like this: I get really caught up in the stories of the people I write about. Apr 10, 2017 at 9:10

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To catch up with X means to be up to date with X, either by getting information or performing outstanding tasks.

Caught up by itself can mean "stuck due to some circumstance outside of my control" Interestingly catch up in present/future tense doesn't ever mean this, but (will) get caught up by can be used as an equivalent. Got caught up is valid as well.

With X can be used with this sense of caught up which works well if X is a group of people and you temporarily joined or "got caught in" their group for a while unintentionally.

So this second meaning is likely intended.

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