I just want to be sure whether it means "a mix of economies" or "a mix of situations/conditions of ONE economy"?

"Growth across emerging market and developing economies in recent years once again displays heterogeneity – a mix of tapering, standstills, reversals and continued strength in some cases. This change has taken place against a backdrop of fading external tailwinds, including waningpotential growth in advanced economies, slowdown and rebalancing in China, and a shift in the commodity cycle that has affected commodity exporters," the Fund said in the report.

Source: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/10/imf-warns-protectionism-and-monetary-tightening-to-hurt-emerging-markets.html


The highlighted part is explaining what the author means when they say "heterogeneity", which in itself applies to the "emerging market(s?) and developing economies".

Therefore it means that there is a mixture of situations/conditions (heterogeneity), which are then listed, that is displayed across the referred to "emerging market(s?) and developing economies".


It means: a mix of something, like slime is a mix of glue, borax and food color.

A mix of: a phrase talks about mix more than 1 thing and that mixture turn to another thing, liquid,...!

I hope this answer can help you!


It means neither of the things you think it could mean.

It is not a "mix of economies" nor is it "one economy".

That mix of features (tapering, standstills, reversals, and sometimes continued strength) is the "heterogeneity" which is characteristic of the growth taking place in "emerging market (economies) and developing economies".

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