Do we use loose or lose when a team has been defeated?

For us to win the league,we must not loose/lose again.

I've always used lose.But,so often I see alot of people using loose,am I the one who is wrong?


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  1. Lose
    It is a verb with the forms: lose, losing, lost
    The meaning of lose is:

    • fail to maintain, to be unable to find or keep something
      I will lose weight
      I lost my keys

    • Cease to have either physically or in an abstract sense.
      She lost her purse
      I lost my friend in the crowd
      Do not lose this opportunity

    • to fail to win
      We lost the match
      Lose a game
      Our team lost the game tonight

    • to fail to make money
      I will lose a fortune

  2. Loose
    It is usually an adjective and sometimes a verb
    It means:

    • not firmly or tightly held in place, not tight
      I have a loose tooth
      My shoes are loose
      These trousers are loose

    • free from restraint, constraint or confinement
      There is a dog running loose in the street

    • to set free, release from fastenings, to undo (as verb)
      The animals have been loosed (as verb)
      The sails were loosed and we set off (as verb)

  3. The best way to remember the difference between these words is to remember the following sentence:
    A goose is on the loose.
    This means that a goose has been unleashed and is free from confinement. If you can remember this sentence and say the words aloud while you are writing, you will be able to keep them straight.

  4. Do we use loose or lose when a team has been defeated?
    We lose when a team has been defeated

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