I have some trouble figuring out the correct usage of "public safety and suicide" in the following phrases. Based on my google search, I found the usage for "public safety and suicide officers", "suicide response", "response to suicide", etc.

  1. An understanding of best practices in public safety and suicide (I am not sure if I should add "response" to the end of the phrase to make it more clear so people will not misunderstand it as "best practices in suicide". However, if I add "response" to the end of the phrase, I am limiting the meaning of suicide to suicide response only)

  2. An understanding of public safety and suicide agencies and organizations (This is the same structure as "public safety and suicide officers". This may be ok.)

  3. An understanding of people involved in public safety and suicide response (I added "response" to the end of the phrase because suicide response is what people do and it would be odd to say people involved in suicide.)

All in all, I am not sure if I correctly understood and used the term "public safety and suicide" in the above three phrases. Could you please give me some feedback? Thank you.


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  • "public safety" and "suicide" are two very different topics, so forcing them together in a sentence fragment sounds strange. Maybe it would make more sense if you provided some context to what you want to say. – virolino Feb 27 at 6:30
  • The context here seems a little odd. As noted "public safety" and "suicide response" are rather different. I'm not sure there is an established usage. Without context I don't think this is a clear question – James K Mar 3 at 15:52