Is there a word in the English language that refers to the manner in which one moves one's body around?

Similar to 'gait' as one's manner of walking, but referring to the overall movement of the body, and not necessarily while walking only, or 'posture' as the position of one's body while at rest, but rather describing the way it behaves regardless of whether it is active or not.

'Demeanor', on the other hand, seems to involve one's attitude as well, the way one behaves toward something/in a particular situation, and not just the mechanical movement of the body which is unique in every individual.

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The word carriage might be what you are looking for. Here is the definition form the Cambridge Dictionary:

the way in which a person moves or keeps their body when they are standing, sitting, or walking

These words can be used about a person's movement or posture, and also about their behaviour:

deportment: the way a person walks and stands

bearing: someone's way of moving and behaving

All of these words are quite formal.

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