When I read a comic book called "Thief of Thieves" by Robert Kirkman, I encountered this conversation between the thief (Redmond) and his ex-wife (Audrey). They meet at the restaurant.

Redmond: May I? (He takes a seat)

Audrey: Sorry, but no, I'm waiting for someone. My date.

Redmond: That's odd, is he running behind?

Audrey: I take it you're bugging my calls again?

Audrey: At least tell me you didn't steal his car.

Redmond: Or his phone?

Audrey: You're like a cartoon character, you know that?

Redmond: How's my house?

Audrey: Fulfilled.

Does somebody know which cartoon character she is referring to? And what does she mean by "fulfilled"? Does she mean she is satisfied with her current life without ex-husband?

Your kind help is much appreciated.


I don't know of any cartoon character she could be talking about. I'm not sure trying to find out is on topic here on ELL. It might be on a different SE. As for the English language usage, I think she is simply using figurative language to describe him. She is saying that he is unbelievable, audacious, and intrusive, like many cartoon characters. I think it's also a joke, since he is in fact a character in a comic book.

As for the house, I think your interpretation is likely what she meant.

  • Thank you for your helpful answer, Max! My understanding became clearer now. – E. Brice Apr 23 '17 at 9:51

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