My Japanese-English dictionary gives valley, gorge, ravine, canyon, and gully as the translation of Japanese 谷(たに). So far I've only found that valley is wide/big, gorge and ravine are deep and narrow, and that canyon is larger and gully is smaller than ravine and gorge. None of my dictionaries gives the difference of gorge and ravine. What are the differences between these five? Are any of them interchangeable with another in some cases? Thank you.

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    In general, a valley or canyon are created in nature over long periods of time. And I suppose a canyon has steeper sides while a valley follows the natural terrain and can cover a large area. gorge and ravine are smaller and can be created in a shorter period of time, such as due to flooding. A gully is a very short term, small scale affair. If rain water runs through my yard, it might create a gully in the dirt. – user3169 Apr 24 '17 at 5:53

Your definitions are basically correct - any more analysis and you are nitpicking. However, try a Google search to confirm yourself :)

Here is the top image for each word:


Gorge: enter image description here


Canyon: enter image description here



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