As shown in the graph, Mexico has * over double * number of Spanish speakers of any other countries.

Where is the correct place of definite article (the) in above sentence? I added asterisks as place holders for the definite articles.


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In this case you would put "the" before "number."

There are cases where a definite article comes before adverbs and adjectives, such as in the sentence:

Mexico has the most Spanish speakers of any country.

The way you determine where to put the definite article is by determining whether the noun requires a definite article without the modifiers.

Since you wouldn't say

Mexico has number of Spanish speakers

you need a definite article before the noun. If the noun doesn't require a definite article, as in the phrase:

Mexico has Spanish speakers

then you use a definite article to refer to the modifier itself, as in "Mexico has the most Spanish speakers."

So in your case, since "number" requires a definite article, you put it right before the noun.

Mexico has over double the number of Spanish speakers...

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    Thanks. I fear your answer is not clear enough. What is the pos of "over double"? As determiners usually come first, the question is when they do not come first. Apr 25, 2017 at 5:09

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