An English teaching document, which is written by non-natives, says:

"Designer is my dream job"

This page says that "A singular countable noun can not stand alone".

We can not say,

  • "I want to eat apple"

But we can say:

  • "I want to eat an apple"
  • "I want to eat apples".

So, which one is correct:

  • "Designer is my dream job"
  • "A Designer is my dream job"
  • "Being a designer is my dream job"?

Note: I found "Being a designer is my dream job" a lot on Google.

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    I'd use the last one 'Being a designer is my dream job'. A slightly different alternative would be 'Designing [buildings / software / apparel] is my dream job'.
    – Phylyp
    Apr 26, 2017 at 4:09

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Just like like you noted, and just like @Phylyp pointed out, the better way to say it is:

"Being a designer is my dream job"


To be a designer is my dream job.

Put another way: My dream job is to be a designer.

@Phylip's answer would apply if you already are working as a designer.

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