I need a verb for "move on tentacles"? Something like walk or travel on tentacles.

There isn't such a thing as "to tentacle" and i can't find another word that would convey this meaning.


There's no single word that has consensus to describe using tentacles to move on a solid surface. Not only is there no word that means specifically that, but there's no word that everyone agrees is the word for that.

Crawl, slither or walk can all work, and give different implications about the way in which the tentacles are being used.

To walk on tentacles would be to use them like legs.

To crawl on tentacles would not be to use them quite like legs, not so articulated, but still probably to be moving one's body up and down while one moved, pushing up on one tentacle after another.

To slither on tentacles suggests all of them remain equally on the ground at all times, and in very much the same position relative to the body.

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