Whenever I type "timeline," without a space, it gets red squiggly line. But when I search to Google, the word actually exists. Is there any difference? And please give some other compound words that can be written in many ways? Adding a dash and a space and without any.

  • Don't trust automatic grammar or spelling checkers very much, they're not very good.
    – stangdon
    Commented Apr 27, 2017 at 15:31

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Timeline means the linear portrayal of chronological events. Time line is incorrect in this context (although I suppose the words could show up in some other sentence with an unrelated meaning, e.g., "the runner crossed the time line").

in to and into are commonly confused as well, since the word in is used last in so many two-word idiomatic phrases. Explanation: http://writingexplained.org/into-vs-in-to-difference


Based on an article at The MLA Style Center (which uses definitions from Merriam-Webster), a "time line" is a dated list of significant events that have happened in the past, while a "timeline" is a schedule or timetable of planned events.

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