Conjugation is:

put - put - put

eat - ate - eaten

run - ran - run


What the name for this depending between subject and verb:

subject (he, she, it) = verb (eats)

subject (we, you, they, I) = verb (eat)

subject (he, she, it) = verb (is)

subject (we, you, they) = verb (are)

my guess: the process of depending between subject and verb is a declension


Declension is a term borrowed from Latin grammar designating morphological variation in nouns and adjectives, just as conjugation (also borrowed from Latin) designates morphological variation in verbs.

The interaction within a specific syntactic context between the forms taken by words of different classes—for instance, the requirement in English that a the form of a finite verb is governed by the number and person of its subject—is called agreement or concord.

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You conjugate a verb, so that it agrees with its subject. (You choose the correct conjugation).

You decline a noun, so that it agrees with its role in the sentence. (You choose the correct declension).

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