My dad's really strong; when he closes something like a jar or a tap you can't get it open easy. My friend was trying to get a jar open but he couldn't. I cracked a joke then by saying, "I think my dad did it." It came to me what's a good word in English to describe turn and close.

My dad [turns and closes] jars and taps really hard. You can't get them open easy.

Is there a word to describe this? If not, what's a natural and fluent way to say this?


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I don't think there's one word for it, but either twist ("to cause to move with a turning motion") or tighten ("to make tighter") carries some of the meaning.

If I had to say it, I think I would say something like, "He closes them really tightly."


How about seal ("fasten or close securely")?

I would say, "He seals them firmly."

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    Including a link to dictionary for why this works would be an improvement to this answer.
    – M.A.R.
    Apr 29, 2017 at 11:51

My dad really tightens things like jar lids and garden faucets. It's hard to get them to budge afterwards.

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