Let's go see a movie

If I can go, I can say, “Alright, OK, sounds good.”
If I can't go, I say, “I can't go, I have to...”


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Let's is a contraction of Let us so, in your example sentence, the person is really saying "Let us go see a movie." It is indeed a suggestion to go and view a movie together.

Note that, although it is phrased as a command, cultural convention is to interpret it as a suggestion.

So, to answer your question, either response would be fine.


It's a simple suggestion to which you can answer with:

  • Let's
  • Alright or Right
  • Okay or OK
  • Sounds good
  • Sure thing or Sure

If you don't want to go:

  • Can't, sorry
  • Sorry, I cannot go
  • Unfortunately I can't go

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