When talking about a recorded video, what grammar tense should I use?

For example when taking about this BABYMETAL interview to someone:

Me: Has anyone noticed how Yui talks about American?

Should it be talked or talks? It happened in the past but in the video she will always talk like that when people watching.

Me: Yui seems to be timid, it's because the topic is more serious and doesn't fit laughing.

Same question as above.

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In conversations, storytelling and discussions when we see something happening just now, at the moment of speaking we can use the Present Simple or the Present Continuous, and the Past Simple.

Both your examples are correct.

Here are more examples:

  • There's a video about a guy who's doing tricks on his motorcycle. You say, "Look how fast he's going" or "Look how high he jumped" or "Look how he does it"

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