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This is different from that question, in that it is requesting

1.) a noun.

2.) a positive connotation on the noun.


The positive word for someone who is careful with money is frugal.

When we were growing up we didn't have much money, but my mother was very frugal and so while we didn't always have the things we wanted, we always managed to have everything we needed.

Thrifty is also positive. Economize can also be used in some contexts.

Ever since Bob was laid off we've had to economize to make ends meet. But I think, although we don't have much money, in many ways we're happier than ever.

The idiomatic expression is penny-pinching. This is somewhat more neutral and so the tone can vary with context,

Mr. Jones pinched every penny he made -- he lived in a small apartment, took the bus to work, and only ate out once each week, on Sunday, at the same small cafe, where he always ordered the same thing: meatloaf (one of the cheaper items on the menu), with a small side potato, cole slaw, and a glass of water. So when he retired he had saved enough to buy himself a yacht and sail around the world.

Of course there are many, many negative words for the same trait.

  • frugal = adjective, thrifty = adj, economize = verb, and then Penny pincher = noun, negative connotation: merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/penny-pincher – Dale May 7 '17 at 20:02
  • Ah, yeah. Oops. Penny-pincher is probably the closest. – Andrew May 7 '17 at 20:17

Since you ask for a noun with positive connotations:

He was a saver, carefully considering every purchase, not a spendthrift.

But it would need context to distinguish it from someone who saves everything, a "hoarder".

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