What is correct to say in the following case? :

My shoes are something I need for..


My shoes is something I need for..

Is one of these sentences wrong grammatically or are they both correct, and why?

Thanks in advance!


In English you always use/say are after a plural subject.

In this case the subject is my shoes and it can be replaced by they instead of it. So with a plural subject, are conjugation is used.

See ECEnglish.com: Is or Are?

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Here you need to use "My shoes are" because "shoes" is plural.

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A linking verb (are) always follows up with its subject. Whenever there is a decision to make whether to use is or are, always look at the noun. If the noun is singular or plural or there is more than one noun.

Joe's favorite dessert is blueberry muffins.

Blueberry muffins are Joe's favorite dessert.

Similarly, if the subject is My shoes (which is plural), the correct usage will be : My shoes are something I need for..

If the subject is a pair of shoes which is singular. In this case, the correct usage will be : A pair of shoes is something I need for..

Subject-Verb Agreement

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