I went there after going first to Eshwant Rao's house, where I met Raoji and the persons who usually went I mean Raoji, Karbhai, and Salam.

This sentence is from Accounts and Papers of the House of Commons, Volume 56. I wonder whether "after" can be used together with the word "first".

  • This is a fairly precise transcription of a non-native speaker's verbal testimony, so it is very likely to have errors. Also, it seems to be more than a hundred years old, so the usage is a little out of date. May 15, 2017 at 2:24

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Yes you can, it depends how you want to order the sequence of events

I went there after first going to the shop.
I went to the shop before going elsewhere

I went there first after going to the shop.
it was the first place I went to after going to the shop

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