Joey got nearly bitten by shark while swimming, Actually Families of Dave & Joey are on vacation, so Joey & Dave having dinner together with their families.

Joey: Dave, I was in a car accident once, okay? And it was really scary, I had nightmares. But when...

Dave: I've been in a car accident, too. Have you ever been bit by a shark?

Joey: I was never bit by a shark. I'm just saying that I understand. My...

Dave: Say it again.

Joey: I was in a car accident.

Dave: No, say the last part.

Joey: I was never bit by a shark.

Dave: That's it! Then you shouldn't talk about it. And I'm not gonna sit here and try to explain myself to a bunch of black and white suburban trash who don't know a damn thing about the ocean.

What does it mean by "suburban trash" ?

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Cambridge Dictionary online
US informal an insulting way of referring to a person or people that you have no respect for.

White Trash:

(US, idiomatic, pejorative, ethnic slur) A poorly-educated white person or, collectively, white people of low social status.

The "black and white suburban trash" is a very derogatory offensive way of talking of the black and white people who live in the suburbs.

  • +1 But not the 'poor' suburbs: white trash does not designate an economic status. A central theme of Southern literature from the 30s to the 60s was the rise of white trash to positions of wealth and power. Commented May 17, 2017 at 10:12

The term "Suburban Trash" to me means somebody who's high class economically, but low class culturally.

I.E. The types that can easily throw away $150,000 on a fishing boat and truck combo rather than spending that money on a vacation to another country.

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