Here is a paragraph from a book (Zero to One):

But in February 2000, Elon and I were more scared about the rapidly inflating tech bubble than we were about each other: a financial crash would ruin us both before we could finish our fight. So in early March we met on neutral ground—a café almost exactly equidistant to our offices—and negotiated a 50-50 merger. De-escalating the rivalry post-merger wasn’t easy, but as far as problems go, it was a good one to have. As a unified team, we were able to ride out the dot-com crash and then build a successful business.

I didn't understand the sentence written in bold. I know what is the meaning of its words and phrases, but I couldn't understand the meaning of the whole sentence.

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    as far as x goes=with respect to, as regards, in terms of. – Lambie May 17 '17 at 20:47

It is an idiomatic expression meaning:

as far as something goes:

to the degree something is considered or exists

  • As far as gun control goes, I think we definitely need to make some changes. Their action is encouraging as far as it goes.

(Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms)

  • Regarding the problems, that was a good one to have (compared to others possible worse problems).
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