He can eat a little spicy.

He can eat some spicy.

He can eat spicy.

He can eat very spicy.

How to describe different spicy level that can accepted.

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Spicy is an adjective. We usually don't eat adjectives. Try something like:

He can eat very spicy food.

He can't eat spicy food.

He can't handle spicy food.

He loves spicy food.

This food is too spicy for him.

This food isn't spicy enough for him.

As for levels of spiciness here are a few examples that you could run with:

Not at all spicy.

Mildly spicy.

Somewhat spicy.

Moderately spicy.

Very spicy.

Extremely spicy.

Painfully spicy.

Dangerously spicy.


None of them are correct. Spicy is an adjective, but you're using it as a noun.

To fix this, you can use the noun spiciness. You should also use a different verb than eat (because you don't eat "spiciness"); tolerate is acceptable:

He can tolerate a little spiciness.

He can tolerate some spiciness.

He can tolerate spiciness.

He can tolerate a lot of spiciness.

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